Amber Light
Lab-based usability testing and location-based ethnography are time consuming and costly. We introduce diary studies as a useful design alternative for crosscultural work. The relative strengths of the methods are assessed and some lessons from our own work with diary studies are shared.

When To Use Which User Experience Research Methods

When To Use Which User Experience Research Methods
Modern day user experience research methods can now answer a wide range of questions. Knowing when to use each method can be understood by mapping them in 3 key dimensions and across typical product development phases.

When In Rome...Quick Tips for Doing Research Abroad

Quick Tips for Doing Research Abroad
If you are developing consumer products or services for markets outside of North America, it’s important to understand how culture and context affect the user experience you’re trying to design. That’s why research in your target markets is critical. Research at home is pretty straightforward, but going abroad adds a new layer of complexity to conducting field research. Here are a couple of tips that will make your job easier.
Location is Irrelevant for Usability Studies
You get the same insights regardless of where you conduct user testing, so there's no reason to test in multiple cities. When a city is dominated by your own industry, however, you should definitely test elsewhere.
User research insights per country...