Praise for Handbook of Global User Research

“Researchers, designers, evaluators, engineers, marketers, and business managers worldwide will find this Handbook of great value in making products and services more usable, useful, and appealing. The chapter authors not only provide an excellent survey of the field and describe key challenges to professionals, but also they provide detailed practical advice that will make this book a valuable asset for everyone involved in the development process.”

Aaron Marcus, President, Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.


“Our products increasingly are finding their way around the world. Usable designs need to reflect the diversity of those global users if they are going to be successful, and not just the perspective coming from one lab in a corporate headquarters. Robert Schumacher’s Handbook of Global User Research is like a GPS system for navigating the complexities of that diversity. It is packed with an incredible amount of practical advice, useful tips, and warnings about potential disasters.”

Arnie Lund, PhD, CUXP, Director, User Experience, Microsoft


“Collectively, the authors bring decades and decades of hands-on experience to this book---and it shows. The Handbook of Global User Research offers a wealth of practical tips and advice you can readily rely on in your daily work. But it’s not just a list of do’s and don’ts: this book provides in-depth discussions and history of each topic covered. Anyone doing user research across borders should have a copy of HGUR on their shelf.”

James Kalbach, User Experience Consultant, LexisNexis, author of "Designing Web Navigation"


"The authors show the well-earned battle scars of extensive global user research. We do global testing with regularity and learned a lot from the book, but next time I'm hiring these guys to do it with us!"

Darren Kall, Senior Director Global Experience Design, LexisNexis


“The Handbook of Global User Research is a must read for any usability practitioner who is serious about conducting effective and unbiased user research around the world. The authors share their secrets on global studies in a very easy to read form, and go well beyond previous texts that only cover cultural differences in the design process.”

Edmond W. Israelski, Senior Human Factors Scientist, Abbott


“In the Handbook of Global User Research Robert Schumacher has assembled a strong collection of experts who provide significant insight throughout the whole life cycle of product and service oriented user research. From initial planning to the presentation of research results this book presents important guidance for the practitioner from a truly global perspective. Even with 30 years of HCI experience, and now managing UI teams located in 8 countries that collaboratively create software for multinational customers, I found a lot of gems in this new handbook. For those with less global experience it will be even more valuable. This volume clearly supports Schumacher’s bold assertion that “user research is the tool for tool building” required as the first step to deliver excellent design.”

Daniel Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, SAP User Experience

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