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Czech Republic

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Prevalence and state of user research

Usability testing, user research and other user experience services are not very common in Czech Republic. There is only a few enlightened companies who do usability testing some of them as part of bigger international project organized by their foreign headquarters. Most applications, both web and desktop, are still designed by programmers who believe to have the right expertise, due the their expert computer knowledge.



Testing facilities 


There are few full spec. usability labs in Prague. Some of them, however, are operated by  universities or corporations and are not available for commercial testing. Some marketing agencies and web development companies also claim to have usability labs, which are just converted meeting rooms, without separate observer’s room.



Most usability labs are located in Prague (capitol), close to the international airport. Some

agencies pose portable equipment for testing in other cities.


Capabilities & Cost

Depends on particular facility and project



Subject Recruitment

Recruitment Fees

Again, depending on typer of project, recruitment criteria and recruiting agency.



Recruiting agencies are usually more expensive then when the recruiting is done in-house

by agencies providing the usability testing. Also, there is bad experience regarding

recruiting quality. Since the recruiting agencies are paid per participant, they sometimes

compromise on the recruiting criteria.


Drop out rates

Drop out rates are low if agencies build their facilities in accessible/popular locations in the city centre and offer reasonable incentives for participants.



Language and Translation Considerations 

The 40+ year old segment tries to find applications in their native language. Younger people realize the Czech language is not wide-spread and tend to accept applications in English.



It is recommended to use native and skilled moderators, since the Czech people tend to

avoid criticism and accept their fault when dealing with computers. Impact of such

behavior can be greatly minimized by trained moderator.



Travel and transportation

Travel to and from this country

Capitol Prague has the international airport. Since it is a favorite tourist destination, most

low-cost airlines provide cheap flights to Prague. Czech airlines, CSA, provides flights

from most major cities around the world.


Travel within this country

Quality of the public transportation is poor. It is recommended to use hired cars.



Cultural considerations


In the capitol Prague, which is the home for many ex-patriots working for international

corporations, the cultural diversity is higher then in the rest of the country, where it is in

general rather low.


Communication style

In general Czech people could be considered calm or even shy and trying to avoid

conflicts or criticism.They greatly consider price and tend to compromise on quality.

They try to find the cheapest alternative even if the consequences involve certain discomfort.


Comfort using technology

40+ segment: Does not trust technology, does not use social networks on online

payments. Shops online only to get the better price, prefers pay on delivery.

20-35 segment: Medium comfort using technology.

15-20 segment: Extensive use of social networks, chat, mobile devices, downloading

movies, music software off the internet.




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