Around the World in 140 Characters

Around the World in 140 Characters
The Twitter study drew upon the talents and expertise of almost 40 user experience professionals from 17 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. The study involved local user experience experts in each country reviewing the ten companies’ Twitter accounts for clear, efficient and adequate communication. Combined, professionals sent over 300 queries regarding promotions, support, products or general complaints to each of the ten companies selected. Responses were analyzed, along with company profiles.

Combining Methods: Web Analytics and User Research

Combining Methods: Web Analytics and User Research
This presentation was delivered at the EuroIA 2009 in Copenhagen. It incorporates new examples and lessons learned since their presentation on the same subject given at the User Research BoF of Chi Netherlands. Drawing from their experience of combining Web Analytics and User Research over the years, Adam Cox and Martijn Klompenhouwer illustrated several practical examples of how this combined approach works and why you should be doing it too.

Marrying Web Analytics and User Experience

Marrying Web and UX
The combination of web analytics and user experience

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